The Marineland Magniflow C-220 Canister Filter Review

For a fish keeper who has a moderately sized fish tank and a high fish population, it is important to find a filter that has a high flow rate and combines the three main aspects of filtration. The Marine Magniflow C-220 canister filter is an external device with a high flow rate and efficient filtration ability.

The fact that fish tanks with larger populations of fish accumulate waste faster goes without saying. Fish and other marine organisms spend their lives immersed in water, and they feed and excrete in the same environment. This causes a build-up of chemical waste and encourages the growth and multiplication of microorganisms that can prove harmful to the fish. The clarity of water also gets compromised as it becomes cloudy.

Marineland has a history of excellence when it comes to the manufacture of filters for different capacity fish tanks. They have a high standard policy that has seen some of their innovations, such as the self- priming feature of the C-220 and C-350 filters, get patented. The Magniflow C-Series has different capacity filters and includes the C-220, C-360 and C-530 canister filters.

The Magniflow C-220 canister filter is ideal for fish tanks of up to 55 gallons in capacity. It has a powerful mortar that facilitates a water flow of up to 220 gallons per hour. This kind of flow will ensure a quicker filtration rate. The water gets sucked into the canister and it goes through the filtration media as opposed to going around it as in other canister filters.

The interesting thing about this filter is that it has a total of four filtration chambers. Most canister filters come with three chambers that conduct mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. The Magniflow C-220 has two chambers exclusively meant for bio-filtration and it combines both ceramic bio rings and plastic bio balls. This is a commendable aspect because this bio media encourages multiplication of good bacteria that helps in elimination of ammonia and nitrites in the water.

What can you expect from the Marineland Magniflow C-220 Canister Filter?

This device comes in a standard carton box. On one side of the carton, each of the filter chambers is clearly outlined. The filter comes with a pamphlet that has diagrams of all the parts and model and part numbers that will make it easy for you to order replacements in case you need to. Fittings that that come with the filter are 2 polishing pads, a quick start guide, 2 hose pipes, 1 large package of activated carbon and 2 extra packs. There are input and output pipes, an intake pipe, 2 extra o rings and suction cups for mounting.

A large rubber ring is available for sealing the filter to prevent leakage during filtration. There is a red knob at the top of the filter cover that is pushed once the assembly is done for automatic priming. The cover has two ports for inlet and outlet of water, and a mesh grate. Two packs of bio rings and bio balls are also available for the microbial filtration.

There are also two coarse foam pads responsible for mechanical filtration. It is interesting to note that unlike other filters, the pads for mechanical filtration are coarse. They filter off any solid waste that could be in the water. To ensure absolute solid particle removal, a polishing pad is placed at the top. This pad is made of fine material that eliminates any residue.

Key Features of the Magniflow C-220 Canister Filter

This filter comes with a set of unique characteristics that set it apart from your conventional canister filter. These four features make this filter stand out.

4 filtration chambers

This feature ensures that the water in your tank is as clean as possible. The bottom chamber has two coarse foam pads that filter off solid particles from the water. These particles come from food residue and faecal matter excreted by the fish. The coarseness increases surface area for the waste to be trapped in. Above this chamber are two sections that filter out microbial waste and act as an inoculation environment for the good bacteria. These bacteria help in ridding the water of ammonia and nitrites that build up from the fish waste. One of the chambers houses ceramic bio rods while the other houses plastic bio balls. The top chamber contains the activated carbon that gets rid of all chemical residues in the water.

Can be used in 50 gallon water tanks

The Magnaflow C-220 filter is suitable for fish tanks that have a capacity of up to 55 gallons. The device combines a powerful mortar and high flow rate of 220 gallons/hour to filter out waste from the tank.

It is self-priming

This canister filter will spare you the agony of having to prime it yourself. The top of the filter cover is fashioned with a red knob that you push down once you complete assembling it and it does the priming on its own.

Replacement media

Part of the components that you get to unbox is two extra packs of activated carbon. The pump comes with three packs, one of which is already installed in the filter chamber. The other two act as replacements once the installed carbon is done.


  • 4 filter chambers for maximum filtration
  • Replacement media
  • It is quiet
  • Self-priming
  • 3 year warranty


  • The hose pipes are rigid and make them hard to install.


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The Marineland Magniflow C-220 Canister Filter is one to be reckoned with. It boasts unique features that will leave your fish tank clean and the fish within it thriving. It is easy to install and a well detailed installation manual guides you through the process using photographs. It also comes with replacement media, and you won’t be visiting the shop to restock soon. If you are looking to give your fish a clean environment using a user friendly and also quiet filter, this will serve the purpose.

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