SunSun – HW – 302 Canister Filter Product Review

The SunSun – HW- 302 is an external filter built for large capacity aquariums of up to 75 gallons. It has a high power mortar of 18 watts and a flow rate of up to 265gallons/hour. This device has three filter levels and works by sucking water out of the aquarium or fish tank and passing it through three different filer media for optimum filtration.

For people who keep fish or other aquatic animals in large fish tanks, cleaning is an exercise that requires frequency and consistency. The build-up of waste and unwanted chemicals and elements happens quite fast, especially if the tank is home to a large population of aquatic animals.

It is important to find a filter that will work fast and efficiently so ensure health and general well-being of the pets. Canister filters are a preferred means of filtration as they work fast, owing to their powerful mortars and combine mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Different canister filters use varying filtration actions. When the water is drawn into the filter, it could follow a top to bottom or a left to right direction depending on the nature of the filter. The water is then directed back into the pump using an outlet pipe.

The SunSun – HW – 302 Canister filter is a powerful filter that has a filtration capacity of approximately 2.11 gallons. It is suited for both fresh water and salt water filtration, and has a ceramic shaft that is wear free. This filter has three levels that eliminate solid, biological and chemical waste, and gives room for addition of other filters. The SunSun’s pump is self-priming, and will spare you the need to siphon manually. It is also a quiet filter and is great for display tanks as it can be tucked away to do its job without being an eye soar.

What is to be expected from the SunSun – HW -302?

This type of filter is a customisable device since it allows you to add or remove filer media depending on the needs of your aquarium or fish tank. Each SunSun – HW – 302 comes with plastic filter body that is sturdy. Other components are a barrel head, two 5 feet tubing pipes that are flexible, four draining trays and a draining tray cover, two spray bars and a spray bar cover, three input bars and one input cover, one output curvy bar, one input curvy bar and 3 fine cotton pads.

Filtration media for the canister filter are sold separately. This filter comes in a carton box that is well labelled, and includes instructions for assembly and connection. The box also offers guidelines on how to clean the canister filter. An adjustable spray bar enables the user to regulate the outflow of water through the filter.

Though some are sold separately, there are 4 types of filter media for this canister filter. They are the aqua clay ball that comes in a 1kg pack, 500g activated carbon, 1kg ceramic ring and one carbon media bag.

3 Key Features of the SunSun – Hw – 302 Canister Filter

This filter has several unique characteristics that make it ideal for use in cleaning an aquarium or fish tank. Let us delve into the three main features.

It is suitable for tanks with a capacity of up to 75 gallons

Cleaning a large fish tank without the appropriate filter can be quite the daunting task. An ill equipped filter will leave behind residue or get clogged fast. The mortar will also experience strain, affecting longevity of the equipment. This particular filter is built to withstand the filtration of large amounts of water, and will do a thorough job while at it. Your fish or other aquatic animals will have a clean home free of harmful chemicals and microorganisms.

High power and rate of flow

This canister filter boasts an 18 watt mortar that can handle long running hours and large amounts of water. This, coupled with a high flow rate of 265gallons per hour, facilitates fast filtration and cleaning of the tank water. This high speed ensures that the filtration process is efficient, and you will be saving a few coins on energy as it will be fast.

3 Stage filtration process

When the water is sucked from the water and gets drawn into the canister, it is passed through three different filtration stages. The first stage is the mechanical filtration that eliminates any form of solid waste in the form of food residue and solid waste from the aquatic inhabitants of the tank. This stage also acts as a partial filter for biological waste. The second stage is the biological filtration where microscopic biological waste, mostly in the form of microorganisms, is eliminated, leaving those that are beneficial to the fish and other aquatic animals. The final stage filters off chemicals present in the water that may pose a threat to the health of the tank’s inhabitants.


  • It does not take up any space in the tank as it is an external filter
  • It is quiet
  • It filters large volumes of water
  • It is customisable depending on your preferences
  • Easy to maintain


  • It is more expensive than other filters.


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Final Verdict

The SunSun – HW – 302 External Canister Filter is a powerful, fast and efficient device that helps you keep your fish tank clean and even well aerated. This equipment will see to it that all mechanical, biological and chemical waste is removed. Aside from this, it is a notably easy device to maintain. The fact that it is an external filter means that you will not have to disturb your aquatic animals to conduct routine cleaning and maintenance. This also means that it will not take up any space inside the water tank. You will also be able to customize the filter by adding or removing filter screens to suit your needs. I would recommend the SunSun – HW – 302 External Canister Filter for aquatic animal keepers who have large fish tanks.

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