Review for the Fluval 106 Canister External Filter

The Fluval 106 Canister Extenal Filter is ideal for tanks of up to 25 gallons and it has a flow rate of 145 gallons/hour. This flow rate can be adjusted in case you have fish that prefer low water flow in their habitats. It comes with three filtration stages that will clean up the water. The maximum flow rate turns the water over every 4 hours.

When purchasing a filtration device for your fish tank, take into consideration your pet’s preferred environment. Some fish have no problem living in water with a high flow, but some like to be in calmer waters, and high water flow may cause them stress. While a 25 gallon water tank is not too big, it is important to have a filter that is fast and powerful to effectively clean out the water to avoid waste build-up.

The Fluval 106 Canister Filter is installed externally and works buy sucking the water in and channelling it through the filter media. Remember that this filter is an improvement of the Fluval 305 Canister Filter, and is 15% quieter than its predecessor. The Fluval 106 Canister filter has a distinctive square shape that gives it an advantage over its counterparts as it is able to handle a higher flow of water and to hold 30-50% more water.

This canister filter can be used in fresh water and salt water aquariums and is equally effective in both. It comes with an impeller that muzzles the sound so you don’t have to listen to its buzz all day. Be sure to install it below the water tank. This allows water from the fish tank to flow naturally into the canister tank for filtration. Setting it on the same level as the aquarium may cause some strain on the mortar and may significantly reduce your filter’s durability. This device comes with a 3 year warranty, which is a good length of time.

What can you expect from the Fluval 106 Canister External Filter?

This filter comes in a standard carton box with clear labelling. A few instructions are included on the packaging, and there is also a user guide and assembly manual. You do not need to worry about the technical assembly. If you find setting up equipment by fitting the parts together intimidating, you need not fret. This canister kit was made with you in mind.

All fittings come in compartmentalised packaging and all you need to do is fit each part into the canister’s body. There is a detailed manual that combines instructions for several flagship Fluval canisters, including the 106 filter. The manual will guide you step by step, and it incorporates images and how to fit them for fast installation. This guide also includes detailed maintenance information for each part, and the frequency with which they should be replaced.

The main components of the filter include 4 sturdy foam pads lined to form a double layer. These pads are installed vertically and are responsible for manual filtration. Solid particles are trapped here, and prevent clogging of the filter. There are also two media baskets that are responsible for the chemical and biological filtration processes. They are versatile and customised to suit your tank’s needs. The kit also comes with 2 rim connectors, ribbed rubber hosing, intake strainer, output nozzle, polishing pad and filtration media.

Outstanding features of the Fluval 106 Canister Filter

Adjustable flow rate

Many filters have a standard flow rate that cannot be adjusted. The Fluval 106 filter has a lever that allows you to regulate the rate of flow of water. This feature comes in handy when you have species of fish that thrive in calmer waters, or species that feel at home in high flow environments.

3 Stage filtration and 2 media baskets

These three filtration stages ensure optimum cleaning in your fish tank. The 4 sturdy sponges filter off all solid waste such as food residue and their large size makes sure they last quite a bit of time before they are changed. The two media baskets are filled with activated carbon and biomax, both of which are filtration media, and they filter out chemical waste and microorganisms from the water. The baskets can also be customised, and you can use as much of each media as you need depending on the nature of water being handled.

Low and simple maintenance

Apart from being easy to assemble, this filter is also simple to maintain. Since the parts fit into one another seamlessly, all you need to do is take them apart and conduct your routine cleaning. The filter also does not need frequent cleaning, as it is built to handle significant amounts of waste over time.


  • Large water capacity with a flow rate of 145g/h
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • It is quiet as it comes with a sound muffler.
  • Instant self-priming


  • The filter media come in small quantities and you will need to purchase more separately.


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The Fluval 106 Canister External Filter comes with quite a number of perks. It is designed with different species of fish in mind, taking into consideration their natural habitat features. Aside from this aspect, this filter combines a powerful mortar than can pump up to 145 gallons of water per hour and the ability to hold 30 – 50% more water in its internal tank. It is also a user friendly device that comes with a detailed user guide which comes in three languages. As a user of this filter, you will be spared the agony of frequent maintenance as it goes more than a month without having to be disassembled for cleaning. This filter is also 15% quieter than its predecessor, as it has been fitted with a sound muzzling device. There is also an intake strainer and a strong mesh guard to prevent clogging. It comes with many perks, and purchasing it will give you good value for your money, and will keep your fish happy.

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