Best canister filters for turtles

With numerous options available in the market, choosing the best canister filter for your turtle can be a daunting task. As such, here is a comprehensive guide for the best canister filter for your turtle’s tank.

If you are among those who find turtles irresistible and cannot keep yourself from having their tank in your home, this guide is just for you. Like any other organism, turtles live in a tank, and just like fish in a regular aquarium, they eat food and excrete fecal waste in the water they live in. The waste and debris released by turtles as well as algae and plants in the tank build up over time, resulting in a buildup of toxins that promote bacterial growth and a consequent change of pH in the water. As a result, these changes are likely to poison and kill the inhabitants of the tank.

As such, turtles require clean environments to thrive and live healthily. With the proper filtration system in place, the water in your tank will remain fresh and odor-free, promoting the health of your pet turtle. Let us find out some of the best canister filters for turtles.

What is the difference between a fish tank and that of a turtle?

Turtles and fish are two different animal species with different behavioral patterns. As such, turtle-specific filters have been designed with turtles and their unique traits, including waste production, in mind. Generally, turtles excrete more waste than fish do, meaning their filters are more active than those for fish tanks.

However, you can still use a regular fish filter in your turtle’s tank, provided that you get a filter that pumps more water per hour compared to your tank size. For instance, if you have a 40-gallon turtle tank, you will need a regular fish filter rated to filter 80-120-gallons as a 40-gallon filter cannot clean all the water of all the turtle waste effectively.

Benefits of using a canister filter for your pet turtle

Turtles are one of the most peace-loving and silent creatures in the world with a long lifespan and frequent bowel movements. They tend to be quite messy and require a clean home where they can bask and haul out. Often, turtle enthusiasts prefer using a 30-gallon aquarium with clear glass and a powerful filtration system to create their turtle’s habitat.

Since manual cleaning of these habitats tends to be time-consuming and tedious, many turtle tank enthusiasts prefer using canister filters. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Strategic mounting

Canister filters are placed underneath the turtle’s tank, often hidden inside a cupboard, away from the view of your tank. As a result, you will have more space in your turtle’s aquarium, making it simple and more pleasing to the eye. You may also opt to add more decorations in your tank due to the extra space available.

  • Versatile filtration system

Canister filters feature all methods of filtration in a compact-size machine. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to combine different types of filtration by using just one canister filter. This feature is more useful for people with more than one turtle in their tanks.

  • Multiple mediums and stages of filtration

Canister filters allow you to use three or more stages of filtration and use different mediums as well. For instance, you might opt for mechanical filtration via a sponge as our stage one of filtration, and stage two might feature chemical filtration with the use of crushed coral, peat, or activated charcoal. Canister filters allow you to use or replace any medium as required.

Consequently, this is a fantastic way to maintain optimal cleanliness in your tank as it enables you to make changes as and when needed. If you frequently go on trips and come back to find the pH or ammonia level in your turtle’s tank has changed, then canister filters are the ideal option as they will provide you with a fast and instant fix.

Factors to consider when choosing the best canister filter for your turtle

There are certain essential factors that you have to keep in mind when buying a canister filter for your turtle. Some of them include:

Turtle species

With over 250 different turtle species, each turtle is unique in that they all have different bowel movement tendencies, carapace length, as well as space and basking time requirements. More so, turtles excrete more than fish, meaning you will need a powerful canister filter that can handle such waste material efficiently. You should also consider the number of turtles in your tank as it dictates the capacity required from your filter.

Type of filtration system

Since captive turtles spend most of their time inside an aquarium swimming, turtle owners must keep their tanks and water as clean as possible to ensure that your turtle lives in a clean home.

Depending on the number of animals stocked in the tank, you need to know how frequently to change the water. The more turtles or other water species in your tank, the more often you need to change your tank’s water due to the resulting waste accumulation.

Another filtration consideration you have to make is to consider whether you need a two-stage filtration or a three-stage filtration system. A multi-stage filter is ideal for turtle tanks as it ensures your water is entirely free of any contaminants. Choose a filter that has a mechanical filtration system, like a mesh, net, or sponge that will collect physical debris such as turtle waste and various uneaten foods.

Since turtle waste contains ammonia, which is broken down to form nitrites, the addition of a biological filtration medium, such friendly bacteria, into your filtration system converts these toxic nitrites into nitrates, which is less harmful to your turtle. Using a chemical filtration medium such as activated charcoal or peat, aids in regulating the ammonia levels in your tank’s water.


Despite being a personal factor, your budget dictates the type of filter you purchase for your pet turtle. Since you are responsible for a life, do not compromise on quality as the need for clean water and a basking area is vital to the survival of your pet.

A quality tank for your turtle is an expensive and one-time investment. Not only is it an investment that will keep your aquatic friend happy and healthy, but it will also save you a lot of money when it comes to maintenance and repair issues.

Flow rate

The process of cleaning your tank depends on the water’s flow rate. A faster flow of water cleans the tank more quickly as residue will not have time to settle in the tank. The high water flow rate will also clean behind, inside, and the edges of rocks where a lot of waster material accumulates.

As a general rule of thumb, it is advisable to purchase a filter that is double or triple the volume of water in your turtle’s tank. For instance, if you have a 50-gallon capacity tank, you will need a filter that can filter 100-gallons of water.

The best canister filters for turtles

Caring for a pet turtle is no walk in the park. You should give it the right food, enough space, and a clean environment for it to thrive. Luckily, maintenance of the habitat of your pet turtle can be made easier by using a powerful canister filter. Here is a list of some of the best canister filters for your turtle.

Comparison Table

Name of product
Flow rate
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Fluval external canister filter
Penn Plax Cascade Canister Filter
Marineland Magniflow Canister Aquarium Filter
Eheim Classic External Canister Filter with media
Aqueon Quiet Flow Internal Power Filter

Fluval external canister filter

As one of the most popular brands in the industry, Fluval has a wide range of high-quality filters, and this one is one of them. Available in a variety of sizes, the Fluval External Canister filter is suitable for commercial aquariums, small tanks, and even large hobby aquariums.

This canister filter comes with a 3-year warranty and additional features such as quick-change mechanical media for lessening the stress when changing filtration medium, as well as aqua stop valves that aid in the controlling of water flow into your tank. It also has a precision-engineered motor that reduces the noise and vibration involved in the process of filtration.


  • Easy to install and efficient use of space
  • Increases the flow of water
  • It has lift lock clamps and Aqua Stop valves that prevent leakage
  • Suitable for saline and freshwater


  • Comparatively big when compared to its previous models
  • Uses more electricity


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Penn Plax Cascade Canister Filter

With a capacity of 200 gallons, Penn Plax Cascade Canister Filter has a robust three-stage filtration process and flow valves that rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing easy maneuvering even in small cabinets. It also has large trays that help in filtering dirt and the turtle’s waste material more efficiently.

The filter has five media baskets and a flow rate of 350 gallons per hour. It is made from durable and easy to clean hard plastic and also has a straightforward installation process.


  • Durable construction with a translucent casing and easy to remove trays
  • Easy to install
  • It does not produce noise or loud vibrations


  • Expensive


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Marineland Magniflow Canister Aquarium Filter

The Marineland Magniflow Canister Aquarium Filter is a quiet running filter that uses a powerful three-stage filtration system to make the water in your tank clear and healthy. It has a water-tight seal and an easy to retrieve seal that allows you to access the media baskets.

With this canister filter, the water moves through it rather than around it to facilitate optimal filtration. It also has a prime button that triggers self-priming after water fills in the filter chamber. The filter’s quick-release valve block stops water flow and separates the motor for more efficient maintenance. Its polishing filter pad gets rid of fine debris while its bio-filter balls and ceramic rings provide a large surface area for the growth of bio spires. The filter also contains Black Diamond Carbon that prevents discolorations and the emitting of various odors in the water


  • It has multiple medium options
  • Easy to use and install
  • Efficient
  • Suitable for a turtle’s tank


  • It can leak if the gasket ring is not tightened


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Eheim Classic External Canister Filter with media

Eheim is one of the most trusted brands in the industry, as it is known for making top-notch and innovative products. Available in three sizes, the Eheim Classic Canister Filter can filter 40, 66, and 92-gallon tanks. It has round and easy to maintain media baskets that make the pads easy to replace. However, its media baskets are not removable, which many turtle keepers may prefer.

This canister filter is super quiet and extremely durable, as many customers have expressed that it can run for many years without the need for proper cleaning and maintenance. It is also quite affordable.


  • It comes equipped with filtration media
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable and easy to use


  • It does not have removable media baskets
  • It does not have a self-priming feature


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Aqueon Quiet Flow Internal Power Filter

With a flow rate of 300 gallons per hour, the Aqueon Quiet Flow Canister Filter can process from 55 to 100 gallons of water at a go. It contains a three-stage filtration process and plenty of media space. Its two media baskets contain Bio-Ceramic rings, Bio Balls, Carbon, and Coarse Foam for optimal efficiency.

The filter of this canister has quick-release valves that are also adjustable for easy maintenance. It contains several outlet options, including a spray bar and a water director. You may also choose to connect it to the water polishing unit, which hangs on the tank’s back. More so, this filter is extremely quiet.


  • Sleek and compact design that can be placed vertically or horizontally
  • No noise or vibrations; thus, it does not disturb the turtles
  • A powerful current flow that can turn a 20-gallon tank easily by merely adjusting the nozzles
  • Its manual maintenance is quite simple as it only requires you to take the filter out of the tank


  • Low-quality filter cartridges


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Taking care of a turtle is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Buying a high-quality canister filter is a one-time investment that will save your energy and time and energy. It will also assist you in co-creating a beautiful, clean, and comfortable habitat for your shelled companion. I would recommend the Fluval External Canister Filter due to its durability, versatility, and three-stage filtration process.

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