A Review of the Zoo Med Maintenance Formula Natural Aquatic Turtle Food

The Zoo Med Maintenance Formula is a range of products formulated to cater to your turtle’s needs in each stage of growth. With three different protein levels, your turtle will be sure to gain maximum benefits after feeding.

Turtles are docile creatures that do not demand a lot of care from their owners. They do not feed frequently, and even when they do, they do not consume a lot of food. With that in mind, you would be comfortable feeding your turtle food that is well balanced and that will be of benefit to your pet at each stage of growth. The feed consists of natural ingredients, and is presented as pellets that your turtle will enjoy eating. These pellets float on the water surface, encouraging the turtles to feed in the most natural manner to them.

There are three main formulas, the hatchling formula, growth formula and maintenance formula. Each of these foods has at least 25% protein which is an important dietary requirement for your turtles. The pellets are small, with a size of 5/16”, which is convenient even for the smallest turtles. You will have an easy time feeding your turtles since they only eat once a day, and three to five times a week, depending on the turtles’ age.

What you can expect from the Zoo Med Maintenance Formula

The Zoo Med Maintenance Formula is presented in clear plastic containers that are easy to reseal. All you have to do is pick as much food as you need and pop the lid right back. The containers are simply and clearly labelled, and contain bits of information on the contents, protein concentration and added vitamins. There are 5 different product sizes. They are presented in 6.5oz, 12oz, 24oz, 45oz and 50lb containers. This range provides an assortment from which to select, and you will not have to break your budget in case you cannot afford a larger size. The food pellets are small, and float on the surface of the water. Care should be taken not to toss in too much food I the water because it will disintegrate fast, and you will end up with a dirty water tank.

Since turtles have different physiological needs during growth, the Zoo Med formula is created to address your turtle’s requirements right from hatching to full growth.

What are the Key Features of the Zoo Med Maintenance Formula?

This range of products comes with several convenient and impressive features that will ease your feeding experience. Let’s take a look at the top 3.

3 Protein Levels

As earlier stated, your turtle will have different dietary requirements from when they hatch to when they attain full growth. The three available protein levels will give appropriate nourishment to your pet. All three products have a minimum of 25% protein, which is an important component of a turtle’s diet. The protein is obtained from both animal and plant sources ranging from fish meal, wheat flour, soybean meal and corn meal. Aside from the protein, your turtle will obtain nutrition from an assortment of vitamins such as Vitamin B12, A, D3, and C. Folic acid has also been incorporated into the food, as well as other minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and zinc which are available in compounded forms.

Convenient and assorted package sizes

The Zoo Med Turtle Maintenance formula comes in easy to use packaging. The containers are clear and the labelling carries information on the food components. Since the turtle food should be kept in a controlled environment with little exposure to moisture, the reseal feature comes in handy.

Apart from the convenient packaging, you have the freedom to choose what package size to purchase. There are 5 different sizes ranging from 6.5oz to 50lb. In an instance where you have turtles of different ages, this option will go a long way in keeping your wallet happy. You will not have to buy large amounts of food for a turtle or two that will soon outgrow its current feed.

Small food pellets that float

The food pellets come in convenient sizes that can be easily consumed by turtles of all sizes. They also float when they are broadcast on the water, which compels the turtles to come and feed at the top. This allows you the bliss of watching your pets eat, and also provides a way for the turtles to feed naturally. Wastage is reduced since the reptiles consume all the pellets, and you only need to throw in enough quantities.


  • Airtight packaging that maintains integrity of the food.
  • Comes in three different protein levels that cater to your turtle’s needs at every stage of growth
  • Assorted sizes that range from 6.5oz to 59lb


  • The food disintegrates fast in the water, which may cause your tank water to get dirty in case of excess food.
  • You may have to keep turtles of different ages in separate tanks to avoid mixing their food in the same tank


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Final thoughts

The Zoo Med Maintenance Formula will offer a source of quality nutrition for your aquatic reptiles. This way of feeding is cost effective since the conventional means of using assorted vegetables and animal products is eliminated. Wastage becomes a thing of the past, as you only need to broadcast what the turtles will consume. You will be able to adequately cater to your hatchlings’ nutritional requirements as well as maintain the health of your full grown turtles. This is because turtles at different stages of growth have different food formulations that are specific to their needs.

The turtle formula from Zoo Med is reasonably priced, and compares favourably with competing brands. This, coupled with the different package sizes, will help you provide good nutrition to your turtles without stretching your finances. Your turtles will also enjoy consuming this food, as the mode of feeding is natural to them, and you will also get to enjoy watching them feed.

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